Very Great Point Brought up by a Non JW. Agressive Apostates Should Listen carefully


  • My uncle is also being harassed by the Apostates his name is Stephen Lett please can you blur his face out also. While you are at it can you also blur out the following etc etc etc Please will you ask Apostates to stop approaching JWs in the street and not go within a mile of a Kingdom Hall. Can you ask all ex JWs to stop any legal action they have against the watchtower for child abuse. This will help Thank you.

  • Message to those that ever make misleading advertising: Everyday, an average of over 700 baptized worldwide, in fact, they are joining their voice to preach with the Jehovah's Witnesses. I've told all sincere students of the Bible that the persecutors of Christians of today around the world are cruel people like pharisees, in fact they are making misleading advertising against the authentic Christians who choose comply Matthew 28: 19-20 & Matthew 24:14 & Acts 1: 8 & Acts 5:42 & Romans 10: 9-15 in full connection with Acts 15: 14-17 & Isaiah 43: 10-12. The apostates can not stay a moment without accusing, slandering, and living things can not stay a moment no breathing. They are as mentally ill. What, indeed, it is a cult? People have different concepts of the meaning of the English word "cult". But let's look at two common concepts related to sects and see why they do not apply to us.
    For some, a cult is a new or different from what they are accustomed religion. Jehovah's Witnesses have not invented a new religion. Rather, our worship follows the model of first-century Christians and is based on the Bible, which records the example and teachings left by them as outlined in 2 Timothy 3:16, 17. We believe that the Holy Scriptures should be the authority as matters of worship.
    For some, a cult is a dangerous religious group led by a human. The loyal Jehovah's Witnesses do not see any human as their leader. We cling to the pattern that Jesus left to his followers: "Your Leader is one, the Christ." As in Matthew 23:10.
    Far from being a dangerous cult, the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses actually benefits its members and others. For example, our worldwide preaching work has helped many to abandon vices such as drug and alcohol abuse. We also help thousands of people worldwide learn to read and write. And if it takes usually, wherever possible, provide humanitarian aid when major disasters occur. We work hard to be a good influence on others, just as Jesus commanded his followers to do in Matthew 5: 13-16. Love one another as Christ has taught us in John 13: 34,35. Happy is the people whose God is Jehovah! Amen! >>>>>>

  • No JW female would be having a "dude" as her boyfriend and not fear the possibility of been disfellowshipped by the Elders on her Kingdom Hall. If that is the case, if for real, OMG! she will be facing a Judicial Hearing pretty soon, once this video with this  "dude's" complaint is made public. Your "woman's" face is already everywhere, all Apostates have downloaded the 11/5/17 videos. Sorry about that!

  • Dude,

    First of all that beautiful sister holding the hand of a black woman is not your girlfriend as you are worldly and she's a JW.
    Second, the kingdom hall is a public place. Legally you are allowed to record anyone that is in a public place. This right is protected by the Constitution.
    Third, JW crisis is a member of the governing body and as such you are not allowed to criticize the governing body.

  • This guy is mistakenly looking at the JWs through the lens of other religions and is thinking that the JWs are not going to infringe on their lives. He just doesn't realize what is about to happen to his relationship with "his woman". If she doesn't get rid of him they probably won't allow her to get baptized. They will make her chose.

  • if that woman being video'd was, in fact, a JW then she would NOT have a 'worldy' boyfriend – period! She would have been publicly reproved after it became known they were a couple. He would have to become an up-baptized publisher thereafter and a quick engagement/marriage thereafter. Something is rotten in Denmark with that man's statement.

  • giving the benefit of the doubt If he is being truethful,that tells me they don't know a lot about the organization. Somewhere down the line he will have a totally different perspective. No one knows the division this org causes at first since the indoctrination is gradual.He may want to view the other videos and grasp why these things were going on.even 4 years ago I was still defending the organization. That is if he is on the level.

  • There's something about this comment that doesn't quite have the ring of truth. Plus the way he refers to the young lady as "My woman" almost as if he owns her. I realize it's very common to say "my man/my woman", but it's the way he's saying it that bothers me. IF this comment is true then I think that young lady needs to gat away from the JWs AND this guy. Just making an observation not saying this guy is an abuser himself. Plus I still doubt this guy is telling the truth anyway.

  • GG, can you at Bethel contact the rest of the Governing Body to blur out their faces on JW Broadcast and JW.Org as I am severely offended and in mental anguish getting to a lawsuit level of emotional distress at the mere sight of Tony Morris III and the rest of the brood. I'll send you my deductible bill for the medication I have as a result of Tony Morris not being blurred out and it will be a very Merry Christmas if he can be blurred out in the next three weeks!
    Regards, Dave in Wisconsin via Chicago

  • Oh boy,. Don't I wish I had an elder like you , GG, when I was going through alot of crap in the org…
    There was a really great elder but he stepped down because he couldn't agree on how things were handled…
    Good video. Although I can, sympathize with the girlfriend having her face on YouTube etc….
    You are correct in what you say… The religion definitely will cause a strain on their relationship, ultimately leading up to her dumping him.
    I don't know what video he's talking about, but i doubt anyone would insinuate that anyone was or is being molested and single them out.
    I'm sorry this guy and his girlfriend feel that way…
    But they need to understand that these protests are about bringing awareness of the wrong doing withing the org.
    This two witness rule and how they handle child abuse has got to change!!! And inorder to make change, happen, you gotta shake people up! Otherwise things will stay the same.

  • People rarely join cults because of doctrine. There were certain needs that were missing.

    In this vulnerable time, a JW would just have easily become Mormons, etc if they had gotten there first and shown interest

    My Point is: if someone is "looking for something" in a Cult, they are already in turmoil.

    To think someone else can become embroiled with this searching person, and not be adversely affected is not reality. Its a RED FLAG. Relationship guaranteed to deteriorate under JW rule! This cult destroys marriages.

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