Trust God To Do It His Way


  • HALLELUJAH. Joel it's a great pleasures of knowing that Jesus brought you to me!!!!!!! Plse know I'm Sincerely on UR Side with Everything. U have HELP and ALSO transform my inner HEART. Don't listen. I THINK about so many multiple stories but God knows what he's PLANTG FOR ME AND U. all my friends dont like you. howeva I choose GOD! not enemies!!!!! I did my job with through friends and said they claim they believe in JESUS. but no UR speakg I'm seeing the story about when the women came to the wail or the story abut wen god gat upset he turn table over but more then I can share when Lazarus was born again. my name is destiny. God BLESS.

  • Joel , without the word of God that he uses you to teach, i would struggle everyday! I know that the God we serve is a mighty God, a merciful and graceful God! And I want God to do his work in me! I give my life, heart, and soul to our Lord Jesus Christ! Through him all things are possible! So, i walk by faith and not by sight!! My days may not all be good , but I thank him for showing me that he is in control! I thank my father for his forgiveness of my sins, he is my potter and I am his clay, I love the Lord, Joel, he has taken me out of the deepest darkest places that I never thought , i would never get away from ! , but my father my god my Lord and savoir heard my cry , and he removed me from that dirty, filthy place, and gave me a new beginning, gave me life, my children, and forgave me! He calls me friend! He is the great I AM!!

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