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  • The brothers and sisters who are familiar with the Bible all know that the prophecies in the Bible concerning the Lord Jesus’ second coming can be roughly divided into two categories: the first category says that the Lord will come in secret like a thief (cf. Revelation 3:3; 16:15), and the second says that the Lord will appear publicly and every eye will see Him (cf. Revelation 1:7; Matthew 24:30). Literally, these two categories of prophecies seem to contradict each other: Since it is said that the Lord will come like a thief, it means that people will not know it when He comes; but why is it also said that every eye will see Him? Actually they are not contradictory at all, because they will not be fulfilled at the same time—one category of prophecies will be fulfilled first and then the other. That is to say, God will first come in secret and then appear publicly.

    Today, Almighty God’s quiet arrival in the world has exactly fulfilled the prophesies concerning God’s hidden coming. All those who accept the work God does after His hidden arrival are the wise virgins, for they believe in Almighty God simply because they have heard the voice of God and found the truth and determined that He is the true way. This is what it means to be “wise.” The public arrival of God in man’s mind is actually God’s appearing to all nations and all peoples after the conclusion of His work after His hidden arrival. When the results of the work done by God after His hidden arrival have become manifest and God’s chosen people have begun to set on the right track of believing in God, God will appear publicly.

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