• People will have a choice to accept 1,2, or 3 micro tablets on 3 parts of there bodies. Hands and head. People will then have the idea of mixing the tri force with 6s and creating a religion. If I have not mentioned this idea it would have been created anyway when the mark comes. Some tablets are on different parts of the body to make things easier to purchase items although not everyone has two arms because they are handicapped. There are no nines in this video just upside down sixes

  • those who hate God love death … and too afraid to discipline kids ? oh just let them dress up and act like the demons they are… the apple didn't fall too far from the tree i see..

    we are all in the same boat though .. jesus simply asked His disciples to show alittle faith..and step out.

  • It shudders me to see the world celebrating the day of the dead (Oct 31 Halloween). We should choose life not death. Worshiping the dead is characteristic of the godless and Satanists. This day of the dead is orchestrated by Satan to delude people for the coming world religion of Antichrist. People need to know that Father God has delivered us from our most fearsome enemy — Satan (2 Timothy 4:18). No matter what Satan tries, he cannot prevail against true believers because of Jesus Christ (Psalm 33:18). God will ensure justice.

    At some point in time, all the earth will stand at attention in God's honor (Revelation 20:12). This will be the moment all are judged for their works. The Creator of all things (Psalm 33:6-9), the One who directs history by His plan (Psalm 33:10-12), is also the Judge of His creatures. God's vision extends to all humanity and yet can focus on an individual human heart; nothing escapes His gaze. He sees from His throne, suggesting His right to rule and judge His creatures as their King and Creator (Psalm 33:13-15). It is time to acknowledge God’s place as ruler of the universe (Psalm 33:8).

    The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and essential to a life well lived (Proverbs 1:7). Two paths are set before all men: one of godliness and subsequent blessing, the other of wickedness and subsequent curse (Psalm 34:11-16).

  • Watch out, the NEGROES MOST HIGH at works, He will causes more plaques and destructions on the enemies the other nations. TMH will soon send His son our Savior the Black Messiah to wipe out all these Satan agents who's ruling this wicked WORLD, the Black Messiah will destroy all of you wicked world leaders Nephilim Neaderthel bloodlines.  As this wicked WORLD coming to an end we so-called NEGROES must repent now and come back to our father Yahuah, we so-called NEGROES scattered throughout the earth are YAH chosen people the real true Hebrew Israelites, Jews according to Deuteronomy chapter 28 clearly prove the facts. We Negroes must wake up immediately to regain our Holy Bible, our only true history book, we need to regain our true identity, nationality, cultures and reconnect with our heritage.                          Romans 9:4 Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises; Salvation is for us NEGROES. Everything is promised to so-called NEGROES, five must important promises that belong to us are: 1 THE​ LAND OF ISRAEL (Jeremiah 3:18), 2 OUR SAVIOUR​ not every Nations (Act 13:22-24, Act 26:6-7), 3 SALVATION (Luke 1:68-71), 4 THE HOLY SPIRIT (Act 1:4-5, John 14:17), 5 ETERNAL LIFE (John 2:25). According to Deuteronomy chapter 28 curses now if you an Israelites need to follow the Most High YAH statutes, laws and commandments. We Israelites supposed to honour and do the Most High and His son Yahusha service, the other nations don't have the assignment or the authority to do the service of the Most High…. We Negroes are the END and the BEGINNING for ETERNITY. Esau, the other nations are the END, 2nd Esdras 6:9. Warning: Today Esau Ishmael mingle seeds are the Arab Muslims nations are pushing hard to take over and they must END this wicked WORLD and Jacob us NEGROES will be victorious the BEGINNING of the World. We so-called NEGROES possess GOD ROYALTY DNA in our blood, 1/3rd of us are protected. The world was create for us NEGROES sakes and The Most High YAH is sending down His son the black Messiah to restore everything back to us, our identity, heritage, culture and nationality etc…. Hang on tight my peoples judgment day and more plaques are coming against our enemies those other nations. 1/3rd of us NEGROES will receive salvation, we must come back immediately to Abba YAH and repent,                                  KJVA Bible. Zechariah 13:8-9 [8]And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. [9]And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God.                                               when you heathen nations, so-called white race admits the truths that the NEGROES scattered throughout the earth are YAH chosen people the real true Hebrew Israelites, Jews according to Deuteronomy chapter 28 clearly prove the facts. If you fake Jews, and heathen nations still refused to bow down and tell the truth judgment day and more plaques are coming against you. Revealetion 1:1,14-15 Yahusha Hamashiach not Jesus Christ, the Black Messiah is approaching down very soon with a two edges sharp sword to set all things in order, to plaques and kill His enemies those Atheists, those false Jews Jew-wish, those LGBT community etc…. And the Black Messiah will also destroyed those wicked high elites 😈 leaders, politicians government systems worldwide etc… Revealetion 19. My people you so-called NEGROES scattered throughout the earth are Yahuah's chosen people, and today I am warning you now it's time to repent and it's time to set your eyes away from Christianity, away from Jesus Christ AKA Cesar Borgia, away from the Virgin Mary, away from all these pagan Egyptian gods, away from ⛅ sun  worshipping that is call worshipping false god and going to church on Sunday, away from all that, away from religion in general so if you are a Muslim, a Buddhist, Catholics whatever, it's​ time to set your sights away from the evil that you are doing, that evil you're commanded, the sins, and learn who your true Creator is who is yahuah. Repentant mean to turn away from sins, your transgressions, your iniquities etc that Yahuah the true Creator of heaven and Earth may save you and delivered you. And now how can you start, by starting to do your own research, get educated, stop believing the lies that all Christianity and the church, get out of that visual sun worshipping, get out of costume and circle and holidays​ of pagan worshipping, get away from all these other nations pagan gods, these gods of woods or stones, and yes I am talking about the cross, and get away from all of that. Get away from all evils of this world, be ye separate from the world and you must get into the truths immediately. Get into yahuah who is the truths and who will delivered​ you from your sins, because only YAH is salvation which is the Hebraic name of our Messiah Yahusha or some like to say in Arabic, and I am telling you this to say because you really seeking the truths out there, you really seeking the Most High, seek Yahuah, and He will lead you to His true that you will maybe forgiven of you sins and exaggerated from the coming judgment of this world, this nation call America and the other wicked nations that will not repent of her sins, America will not repent at all, she just think that she can do whatever she wants, can pass any laws that she wanted. Our enemies continuing to murder innocent Israelites, and think they going to get away with it, I am sorry to tell you this, but it's time to wake up now and see the judgment seasons are here, I'm just letting you know when judgments​get here, when that prophetic year strike the year 2019 I'm not fully saying it going to be in that year but it most likely will be considered that the prophesies He give that our creator give Yahusha once that judgment comes it will not be pretty, and if you are part of it because of your sins, because you have not sawed truths for yourself then I don't know what to tell you and that is why I am here to inform you, I'm trying to tell you to get on the path of truths and righteousness for yahuah and His son Yahusha learn His laws, statues and commandments. Read the first five books of the Bible what you call Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers, and Deuteronomy. And study the commandments to the best of your ability and facts a good start would be the start with the ten commandments. Did you know if you stop going to these false church right now that you will in fact be following the fourth commandment by honoring the Sabbath that will be a start if you start honoring the Sabbath day which is Saturday and get out of their Church on Sunday you will start honoring the fourth commandment, just using​the name Yahuah you honoring the 3rd commandment which is not to take His name in vain to use His true name, getting away from​ Christianity and the cross and the other religions and their pagan gods yes that included Allah you honoring the 2nd commandment which is thou shalt not having any Graving image or even other gods is the 1st commandment, if you get away from Catholicism and them Graving statues you the 2nd commandment and if you recognize who the true biblical Israelites are which are so-called NEGROES, so-called African American etc…. than you are following the 9th commandment and there are more and it does not stop there with the 10th commandment yes there are so many more and I'm saying this none of us can't follow all 613 commandments today perfectly, we can be perfected thought yahuah He can perfected us He can lead us the truths and righteousness and if you're​willing to do that I urge you to take that seriously, and do your research, read the Holy Bible, and ask our father  Yahuah to help you inherite His new kingdom. The sooner the better for you get right with the Most High YAH today because time is now the 400 years are almost up. It will be worse on enemies the other nations as it was in the days of Egypt. My people our 400 years of captivity is coming to an end, we must pray YAH every day for Deliverance from this wicked WORLD. The Most High YAH still loves us NEGROES, and He don't care about the other nations. Brother and sister we so-called NEGROES God chosen, we will inherite the new world, God did created the whole world for our sakes.                                                KJVA Bible. Revelation 13:9-10 [9]If any man have an ear, let him hear. [10]He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints…………………………………………. 2nd Esdras 6:54-59 The Most High YAH is racist! He called you heathen nations SPITTLE.

  • Thank you so much for your videos. I think South Africa should also be added to this. We have such a big problem in our country regarding farm murders. Yesterday people from all over my country came together to bow before God to help with this problem that is out of control. Farmers and farm workers are getting murdered and tortured. We have one of the highest murder rates in the world. Please check out the severity of this problem on youtube…. this is only one example of what happened yesterday but there are many more, please check it out.. https://youtu.be/fa1VixxeRaw

  • Think About This…. 73% of ALL ABORTION CHAMBERS are in minority (NIGGER) neighborhoods
    Mickey D's are NEVER located in an area populated by 'Vegans'. They are placed where they are wanted.
    Of These 'murders', 82% are from non-white Babies….. Black & very few Brown babies are MURDERED!
    When Black People start Showing That Black Live Matter, Then The Rest Of The Nation MAY Start Believing Their Rhetoric.
    Abortion Chambers CARE NOTHING For A Mother's Health, They Want The Body PARTS (babies) For Sale On The OPEN Market!

  • I believe God Jesus Christ Yeshua is trying to get Mexico attention to repent and come to him out of Mercy. I believe that God allowed the earthquake to happen in Mexico before he pours out his Holy Wrath upon them and this is a warning before the tribulations start's.
    The Tribulations will be when the Anti Christ Comes then he will pretend to be Jesus Christ Yeshua. Then the Real Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty God will come from the Heavens with his Saints Ridding White Horse's to Pour out his Holy Wrath upon all of the Evil in the World. Right Now God is allowing this to happen out of Mercy because the punishment hasn't begun. This is only Pre-Tribulations.
    We Born Again Christians Will be Rapture before Tribulations.

  • I'm grateful to President Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris Deal , They have horrible pollution problems because of unclean toxins Factory's , Diesel Fuel unclean Toxins , and caused their own problems ,wanting us to pay the highest amount of money for their environment in their own Countries . Our country Air is a lot Cleaner in the United States of America.
    So it's Not about our Planet it's about trying to make us pay their own Bills in cleaning up their Air because they didn't care about their quality of Air in the EU . Now they want us to pay for their clean up , to have more quality of Air. They need to pay for their own Clean up , and emission .
    Now their feeling the consequence for not doing what they were supposed to, and want us in the United States of America to pay for their bill in cleaning their own corruption, and their pollution .
    When we have to put our monies in helping our own citizens who had Disasters , plus building our Military for Up coming War's. The United Nations wants to break our Banking System for the One World Order Government because we won't cooperate with the One World Order Government.
    Our President Donald Trump is Protecting US from the One World Order Government and Religion .That's why Deep State Government wants him out so badly. Also That's why Jesus Christ Yeshua Almighty God Chose President Donald Trump.
    Hillary Clinton would have just given the United States of America to the One World Order Government and Religion and even gotten paid for it.

  • proof we live in the end times. my bf did the thinking on it. THIS IS THE YEAR 5778 which happens to be 1987 years after the birth of Jesus IF his mother Mary was truly born in 18bc. the numbers 1 9 8 and 7 together are very significant we think seeing how the number 1 to god means, unity; new beginnings. 9 meaning, fruit of the spirit; devine completeness. 8 meaning, NEW BIRTH; new beginings. 7 meaning, RESURRECTION; SPIRITUAL COMPLETENESS; FATHERS PERFECTION. Being 1,987 years sense the death of our lord and Savior, we should definitely be paying attention to all signs given by god. also would like to share the we are 2,020 years sense the BIRTH of Jesus lol yes and what does 20 mean to god? REDEMPTION, and not surprisingly the number 2, as shown twice, means union; division; and witnessing. I believe we will witness all gods signs for these end times and the coming of our Messiah again, I believe this year. witnessing the division of righteous man and non righteous nephilimman hybrid spirits.

  • Idiots. How is dressing up as devils celebrating the dead? Who have passed on to “life” how do they know what side they landed on? They got a stupid festival for every dang catholic coonery. We can warn them but all these dummies won’t listen until they are taken care of.

  • How about "Justice For Jane Doe's BABY???"
    50% or More of Those Entering An ABORTION Chamber Are KILLED
    Un-PLANNED Parenthood is For 'INFANTICIDE'

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