Anthony Adeyemi – Latest Yoruba Movie 2015


  • First and foremost thanks for the movie upload. Quite a dramatic one- the movie that is.
    My-oh- my, the lifting off of the sexual embargo place on Adeyemi by the new fertility medical result, was like letting the dog out! I guess to make up for the period of entrapment ( no thanks to his screwed up, and spoilt brat wife -Feyisara), Adeyemi deemed if fit to become a freelance sperm donor, thus breeding children like a rabbit.
    Of course such reckless behavior must incur some catastrophic chain reactions, such as demonstrated by the Olori, the "Otumopo" specialist, remotely controlling the men in her life, to fall into line with her insatiable desires. Such an end to Adeyemi's life was anticipated. Olori took the easiest way out, what a drag!

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